I may have taken this picture but only the man upstairs could have created art like this.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

NO Reason for a plan "B" - It only distracts from plan "A"

There is no reason for a plan B as it only distracts from plan A.

For something real to happen we first HAVE to believe it. We must right it down, believe it has already happened and speak it into the Ether. (Look it up) Actionfy it into existence.

All Great accomplishments first were a simple thought passed into the imagination from our creator. I believe this wholeheartedly.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should not be prepared to survive if something bad happens but if we know we have a plan "B" to fall back on, subconsciously it gives our plan A reason to fail.

Check out this video from Mr. Smith (it's 9 min. long so watch when you can focus)

Have purpose, Love, Exist, Share, Teach, Be still and Listen, Evolve my friends.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Right it Down!

God is Great - I think one mistake we make is that we don't always right down a unique thought when it pops into our heads. Do you ever get an innovative idea or really cool thought and think, man where did that come from? And then - tell yourself you will go back to it later or you "won't forget" this one. Only to never think about or remember it again.

These are not our thoughts. They are visions and ideas from God. I believe our creator speaks to us often and we don't grab a hold of it. When and idea pops into my head, I now right it down immediately and then try and expand on it for 90 seconds. After that, leave it alone. I come back to it later because after 90 seconds the devil jumps in and attempts to give me reasons why it won't work. But - once it is written down, it is never lost.

Keep a small journal in your back pocket only for "Gods visions" that pop into your head.

Once the vision is written down - pray about it, talk to God, Thank him!

Sometimes - We (I) just need to stop, Be still, and Listen. Slowing down to hear his word will ultimately speed up the process to fulfilling his will for us.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

U ever want to just hide from life for a couple days??

I think we all do every now and again. It happened to me this past week.
I have realized that when I do want to hide, I am not feeling the spirit ~

It is actually easier to continue to hide, watch television, eat, complain, sleep, not pray,and procrastinate than anything else when these funks find me. This is when I know my thinking needs to be changed completely. My thoughts need to actually be taken from me.

This is when it is the hardest time for me to pray.... when i don't feel like it

This is also the time when prayer is needed more than ever.... when i don't feel like it

But ~ If I just dig down deep. Make a snap decision to drop to my knees and start thanking my creator for all I have - I mean all that I have... Then...the anxiety and negative thoughts slowly start to leave me.

So ~Thank you God for my healthy family, for my 3 beautiful children, for my home, my eye sight, Thank you God for my friends, my truck, my clothes, and the air you let me breathe. God, guide me into the world and put the right people in front of me. Give me the wisdom and courage to share your word and my story. A-men.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We are not here to walk alone..

Within the past few years, i have finally broken the code - Better late than never.

I am not here on school house earth to walk alone. I need other people. For years I have been convinced that I can do it by myself - I can fix me. No - leave me alone, i can do it.

July 2nd 2007 i gave up. First i asked God to take me and do whatever he wanted. Then - i reached out to my brother and said help. I cannot type in words, the feeling, the weight that was lifted from me.

We were not created to live our lives being alone. To work, think, or exist alone is nothing more than selfish. It leads only to depression and physical deterioration. The master up high designed our minds to communicate, and solve this game of life with other master minds.

Life for me has become absolutely incredible. Only after i submitted fully. I need friends. I need family. I need God.

Let us not be afraid to ask for the directions.

Kevin, Kelly, Logan, Bone - I thank you for always believing in me and giving me back to myself.

Monday, July 13, 2009

In order to GET more, we have to GIVE more..

I am now speaking size and increase into other people. Bottom line is when you get over yourself, you can truly love other people. My buddy Joe says, " In order to get more get value, you have to give more give value".

Have you ever heard something for the first time and just know it is true? You know it in your gut. That is an instinct that God put directly into our DNA himself. Awesome.

Meet people, and overwhelm them. It will grow your confidence and they will love you.

What you Give away, you get to keep! How cool is that? Think it deep. Think it deep.

Change your life, smile more, talk to people.